One of the most basic skills of any photographer is the ability to capture a good portrait. Apart from a good camera, what you would need is a few simple tips that will help you get started. Here we go:

  • Try a new perspective: Clicking a portrait within the range of the eyes is what anyone would expect from portrait photography. If you would like to give your portrait photography a new perspective, try clicking from an angle that is less taken. You could get your subject to look up with some interesting paraphernalia around. Go up and while getting a good view, click from above. Make sure you have your subject’s eyes focused on your camera lens. You can also go close to the ground beneath and click from the bottom.

  • Focus on eye contact: What you could do is get your subject to focus hard on the camera lens. This would work great if you click candidly while having a casual and happy conversation with your subject. The conversation must be able to instigate a happy or amused expression in the eyes. You could also ask you’re subject to look away with an expression. This gives a touch of intrigue to the picture.

  • Frame the portrait: You could frame the portrait of your subject with another element. This helps form an illusion of dimensions apart from helping focus on the subject better. You could even use your subjects’ hands to form a frame.

  • Use wide angle lens: When you use wide angle lens, the parts of the body away from the centre of the picture is enlarged and draws attention. This creates a dramatic appearance.

  • Formatting Framing must be changed: You need not take pictures only in the portrait mode. When taken in a landscape mode, you might just end up getting better pictures for a portrait. So make sure you use landscape as well.

  • Take shots that are unfocused: A photographer tends to take pictures only in sharp focus. Taking pictures of your subject as blurred images can create a certain amount of interest and intrigue that sharp images will seldom do. Focus on one element in front and blur your subject.

  • Keep it as simple as possible: Simplicity can be a form of sophistication. Make sure the background is simple and uncluttered. Try using natural light as much as possible.

  • Shoot below your subject’s eye line: This just happens to be one of the most flattering angles for most people if not all!

  • Have back lighting: Back lighting allows for depth in the pictures.

  • Take as many candid shots as possible: A lot of people tend to have an artificial smile or an artificial expression that comes through easily in the picture. And this is when candid photography works best.


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