Leather jackets are one of the coolest and most fashionable apparel women can ask for. It is functional in the sense that it protects one from the elements and is in many ways fashionable and can even be sensuous if the fit is right. Leather jackets often add the oomph factor to just about any attire that it is worn on, be it a short leather skirt or riding pants. Leather jackets were further popularized by women like Megan Fox took took the attire from tom-boy ruddy to sensuous sultry!  Here are the 4 most popular types of leather jackets for women:

  • Racing Jackets (Vented): These jackets are meant for women who love the wind. It is designed typically for ladies who despise the wind cheaters. They allow the cool breeze flowing thoroughly all throughout while riding. It gives good ventilation to the upper part of the body. It consists of a tough mesh which forms a shell that has 2 vents which are adequate on the rear and the front part. There is an interior wind flap underneath the front zipper. The jacket also has pockets that are placed on both the right as well as left side. There is extra leather pads placed on the shoulder as well as elbow regions. To provide for more protection, leather pads are added in the kidney part as well.

  • Classic Motorcycle Jackets: This jacket is very fashionable since it has a longer cut at the back than in the front. If you would like a jacket to help you protect yourself from the weather than this is best kind of leather jacket for you. Like the Racing jacket, this too has an internal wind flap that is placed right behind the zipper and a has a hide-away fleece collar that acts as a neck warmer. These features are sure to keep you warm and cosy during a ride in the chilly weather. It has a lacing on the sides that helps adjust the fitting so it embraces the body with a good tight fit. The leather that is used to make these jackets range from 1.2mm to 1.4mm. There are 2 subtypes of this classic motorcycle jacket, I and II; the difference being that I includes a watch pocket and a half belt.

  • Touring Jackets: This jacket provides great protection and comfort apart from enhancing the shape of the body. The waist portion is made of flexible leather that is fastened with Velcro straps. There are expansion joints right behind the shoulders. The vertical vents provided in the front are great for air flow.

  • Fitted Leather Jackets: This is the most comfortable kid of leather jacket. The sides have zippers that allow for perfect fit. They have 2 inner pockets to keep valuables.

These are some of the most popular jackets that are worn the most and we know why, because of their awesome fit, comfort and functionality!


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